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Tune an Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitar

Most guitarists spend several hours to set their instrument to a perfect tuning mode so that it can produce the very best notes.

Professionals know several methods to complete this tuning task but for beginners the procedures may appear a little difficult.

If you own an acoustic guitar and are planning to tune it then the best idea is to use an electronic tuner to achieve your target. Electronic tuners are capable enough to ensure clear sound with easy to handle string settings.

To start with the procedures, first of all, you need to collect an electronic tuner for your acoustic guitar. Then start with the procedure as discussed below:

Step 1: First of all you need to set the tuner to guitar mode instead of bass mode. In case if it is already set to Bass then hit the Guitar/Bass button to shift the mode.

Step 2: Now bring your electronic tuner close to your acoustic guitar.

Step 3: It is time to pluck the sixth string from your guitar; when you do so, a green light LED will be switched on an electronic tuner.

Note that the line must be close enough to the center portion of the scale on tuner screen.

If you find this line to the left side than simply tune to key with E clockwise notation and in case if the line is towards the right side then tune key E to the counter clockwise direction.

Step 4: Whenever you pluck any string for tuning, make sure that the tuning letter and number of the screen at the top left corner is the same as that of your plucked string.

It means; when you have plucked the sixth string then it must display 6E whereas for the fifth string it will show 5A. When tuning keys are adjusted to clockwise or counter clockwise direction, it helps to generate right combinations for clear sound.

Step 5: Now pluck all other strings one by one in a similar manner and adjust them to clockwise or counter clockwise direction as necessary.

Every time when you pluck a string, note that the green LED gets activated on the tuner and also check the combination of key on the screen. It will be as 6E, 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B and 1E for different strings.

Step 6: Once you have adjusted all the strings, then simply switch off your electronic tuner and your guitar is ready to play the most awesome sounds.

Additional tips for perfect tuning …

When you are done with the tuning, then it is essential to check the results. To do this, simply play a chord and check its sound. It must resemble the ideal sound that is desired from this specific chord. If it deviates then you need to tune the instrument again.

It is always advised to start tuning from the thickest string towards the thinnest string to get the best results and you can prefer to check it twice before your next performance to ensure the guitar produces the perfect sound.